The unique capabilities of the Cyclotron and related facilities at CNL have been utilized by scientists and engineers from private industry, universities and government agencies. Research topics are as diverse as basic Nuclear Physics, applied Solid State Physics, Radiation Effects, and Planetary Geology and Cosmogenics. Unique research opportunities in these areas are afforded to graduate and undergraduate students from UCD and other educational institutions.

The space industry has used the CNL Cyclotron for simulation of radiation effects produced by solar and cosmic radiation. The Naval Research Laboratory, NASA, JPL and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have all used the CNL Cyclotron to support their research in various areas of the space program.

Our Cyclotron is also used to support many of the "in-house" research projects. The Cyclotron is the tool used in the analyzing of the samples collected by the Air Quality Group; to make radioisotopes used for medical research; and produces the energy used for the treatment of eye tumors.