New Users

Are you a new user of Cyclotron Services?  If so, please contact Dr Spencer C. Hartman at 530-752-4218, (520) 388-0083 or to discuss the capability of the cyclotron as it relates to your project.

All non-UC entities must have a fully executed UC service agreement in place before Cyclotron services can be provided.  There are two options for securing a UC service agreement:

1.  Delegated Agreement. This is the easiest and fastest way to access beam time. If your organization accepts UC's terms and conditions as they are stated in the "Delegated Agreement form", our business office staff will work with you to complete the form.  (Please also complete and submit the "Client Billing Information form".  As soon as your organization's representative signs the "Delegated Agreement Form" and returns it to Crocker Nuclear Laboratory's business office, you may schedule beam time.

2.  Negotiated Agreement.  If your organization requires a modification of UC's terms and conditions as they are stated in the "Delegated Agreement Form" form. Please complete this "Client Billing Information form" to initiate a UC service agreement.  UC service agreements are facilitated by Crocker Nuclear Laboratory’s business office, but negotiated and executed by the UC Davis Business Contracts Office.  Please allow 2-3 weeks processing time. This time could be longer if UC Davis and the new customer's legal departments need to negotiate extensively the terms and conditions of the agreement.  

Contact Carol Chandler at 530-752-7120 or for questions related to UC service agreements and billing.

Machine Use Authorization (MUA)

Please complete the MUA and CNL Use Information Sheet, print it, sign it and bring it with you to Crocker Nuclear Laboratory on the first day of service. All individuals must have a current MUA and CNL Use Information Sheet on file prior to cyclotron usage.