Staff Guidelines

Visitors entering CNL including Annex must be registered in the Admin Office, their arrival time entered into the CNL Log Book and if needed appropriate dosimetry issued.  Upon visitor leaving their departure time must be recorded in the CNL Log Book and dosimetry returned to Admin Office.  Dosimetry must not leave the building.  If entry is allowed through CNL’s rear door, registration is the responsibility of person who granted entrance.

Visitors, Outside Beam Time Users and CNL Personnel must be registered, issued a dosimeter badge, and receive permission from a Certified Cyclotron Operator (Control Room Operators) before entering the following Authorized Controlled areas: The Upper and Lower Cyclotron Vaults, Main Vault, North and South Caves, Eye Therapy Room, XRF Rooms 120A and 120B, Tunnel A, Tunnel B and Vault Roof. (see the highlighted areas of attached lab map)  Except for Authorized NPS Staff, the XRF Rooms 120A and 120B are off limits to everyone, including UCD Custodial and Maintenance workers.

Dosimeters are not issued to campus and outside visitors to CNL who will be in the Conference Room, Staff Offices and IMPROVE/ NPS labs.  It is the responsibility of CNL Staff or Student Employees to keep their visitors from entering CNL’s Authorized Controlled areas.

Dosimeters are not issued to CNL Staff or Student Employees frequenting Admin Offices, Mezzanine Offices, Cyclotron Control Room, CNL’s Mechanical Shop, Electrical Shop and CNL High Bay, this includes  Staff or Students “using the balances only” in IMPROVE Lab. NPS Staff or any persons using  the analytic x-ray equipment located in IMPROVE Lab room 112 must wear dosimetry.

All Formal Tour Groups are issued a representative dosimeter and have a CNL classified radiation worker as a tour guide.  Informal Staff Tours made up of an individual or small group with a staff employee who is a classified radiation worker as tour guide are issued a dosimeter to each individual in tour group. All tour guides need to check in with a Certified Cyclotron Operator for potential hazards prior to starting a tour, including Staff and Student Employees wishing to give their visitor a tour.

Building maintenance and repair workers must be registered, Control Room Cyclotron Operators notified before entering or performing maintenance, and issued appropriate dosimetry if they will be entering CNL Controlled Areas.

UC San Francisco patients, family members and friends of patients who are here for Eye Therapy are not issued dosimeters per Eye Therapy Radioactive Use Authorization.

Non-Crocker staff involved in pick–up or delivery in CNL’s Authorized Controlled areas must be registered, issued appropriate dosimetry and accompanied by a Crocker Nuclear Lab Staff Employee.

UPS, FedEx, AIRGAS and PRAXAIR delivery drivers are not issued dosimeters as they do not enter authorized, controlled areas.

Employees using the exercise area in CNL basement do not need dosimeters.

Updated 4/22/11      J. Quigley