Position Announcement Cyclotron Physicist

The University of California, Davis, Crocker Nuclear Laboratory (CNL) is seeking a Cyclotron
Physicist (Project Scientist) to provide leadership and operational management for its Cyclotron,
a medium-energy particle accelerator, and associated facilities and scientific and technical
personnel. Cyclotron activities focus on radiation effects on semi-conductors, medical
therapeutics, applied physics, materials and chemical analysis and medical radioisotope
production. Scientists and engineers from private industry, universities and state and federal
government agencies utilize cyclotron facilities at CNL.

The Project Scientist makes significant and creative contributions to a research or creative project in his/her academic discipline. The appointee possesses the subject matter expertise and the creative energy necessary to function at a high level of competence. The appointee will participate in activities to increase, improve, or upgrade his/her competency. Appointees with Project (e.g., Scientist) titles may engage in University and public service. They do not have teaching responsibilities. Although the Project Scientist is expected to work independently under
the general guidance of an academic member with an independent research program (i.e., Professor, Professional Researcher, Specialist in Cooperative Extension, etc), he/she is not required to develop an independent research program or reputation. He/she will carry out research or creative programs with supervision by an individual in an academic title that carries with it automatic Principal Investigator status. The Project Scientist does not usually serve as a Principal Investigator but may do so by exception.

Particle Beam Diagnostics (20%)
Support the Cyclotron Operators in the measurements of parameters concerned with the diagnostic of particle beams: beam extraction efficiency, particle identification, energy determination and beam transport.

Manage the Radiation Effects Facility (50%)

  • Provide users of the Cyclotron with the experimental conditions that will fulfill their research needs. Collaborate with researchers, from both the private and public sectors, to design and implement physics experiments and tests that utilize the capabilities of the 76-inch cyclotron.
  • Develop and maintain data acquisition codes relevant to dosimetry and beam quality control for executing experiments using the Cyclotron.
  • Provide scientific and technical support for the Cyclotron Operation.
  • Supervise the cyclotron operators.
  • Provide research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students associated with Crocker Nuclear Laboratory.
  • Promote the Cyclotron and associated facilities to UC Davis and other campuses faculty to involve UC students in research at Crocker Nuclear Laboratory.
  • Promote the use of the CNL facilities to scientists and engineers from industry and government agencies.
  • Serve as the Principal Investigator of CNL’s Radiation Use Authorizations (RUAs).

Publication (5%)
The candidate will publish research results in peer-reviewed journals, books and other outlets independently, in collaboration with PIs or other members of the research team, or with outside collaborators from academia, government or industry.

Grant Acquisition, Marketing & Development (10%)
The position itself is supported entirely by revenue generated through self-supporting activities. However, the candidate may collaborate with other University Researchers to solicit grant funding. The candidate will market cyclotron services by performing sales and communication duties to promote cyclotron services, programs and events.

The candidate will participate in professional societies and conferences appropriate to his/her specific field and will serve as a reviewer of research proposals and scientific publications as appropriate. The candidate will attend seminars to present research results and may give oral presentations to public and professional interest groups. When appropriate, the candidate may coordinate and/or give presentations at seminars, laboratory meetings or educational functions.

The candidate will engage in public outreach activities that include presenting scientific research results to the general public and providing relevant advice to individuals and public agencies. The candidate will engage in University service activities such as guest lecturing and committee service. The candidate will serve as a member of the Campus Cyclotron Users Committee. Cyclotron_Physicist_Project_Scientist_long_ad.pdfTeaching classroom courses is not an expectation of this position.


  • Ph.D. or equivalent advanced degree in Applied Physics or related discipline
  • Medium energy accelerator experience
  • High level of knowledge of the workings of cyclotrons
  • Knowledge of radiation safety procedures


  • Experience with proton and x-ray fluorescence analysis
  • Experience with production and handling of radioisotopes
  • Ability to build relationships, manage conflict, and interact with colleagues and clients in a professional manner
  • Experience working in teams with colleagues and clients
  • Experience with project management
  • Supervisory skills to recruit, select, train, supervise and evaluate staff
  • Ability and willingness to market cyclotron services
  • Skills to effectively communicate orally and in writing

Application Procedures and Deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. However, for full consideration, please submit your letter of application by April 30, 2012. UC Davis is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.

Send a letter of application, current C.V. and five references to Cathy Miller
camiller@ucdavis.edu or by US mail to:

Cathy Miller
Chief Administrative Officer
Research Facilities, Co-Op #2
Jungerman Hall
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616

PDF of Position Description


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