Crocker Nuclear Laboratory also uses the cyclotron for medical treatment.

Eye Therapy

Proton treatment of Uveal melanoma at the UCSF/CNL Eye Treatment Facility

One of CNL's medical programs, the Eye Therapy facility is the first involvement of the CNL cyclotron in direct machine-to-patient transfer of radiation for medical treatment.

One of a few in the United States, the Eye Therapy Facility treats patients from as far away as New Zealand, for uveal melanoma.

In collaboration with physicians, scientists and technicians from UC San Francisco’s Ocular Oncology group, the facility treats nearly 100-120 patients each year.

For more information on proton treatment of Uveal melanoma please click the following link:

Treatment of Age Related Macular Degeneracy

CNL is participating in clinical trials to prevent vision loss associated with exudative age-related macular degeneration (AMD) using the cyclotron to produce protons for therapy.